Who We Are

Mr Nice Pie positively lives to provide you, good sirs, with nutrition, indulgence and good form.


Lacing your life with pastries of superlative tastiness and all round hello, how do you do'ness.
Immensely homely pies to make ones hat pop off with a shameful, crazy, 'Whoopsie Daisy'
Hearty and wholesome, spectacle steaming fillings to leave ones step classily sprung.
All our offerings are of the vegan persuasion, in fact you can be positively guaranteed that none of these aforementioned delights, Madames et Monsieurs, contain any animal products, preservatives, unnatural flavourings or other nasties of any kind. And to pontificate on standards, all of our unctuous eats are created in small batches by our fair hands in our purpose built kitchen.


If you would like to get your mitts on such nourishing, stylish mouthfuls, then take a good glance at the 'Where to find us' section... And damn right too.